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The importance of the leadership and guidance of our Board can never be overstated or go without appreciation. 

Our board is a team of civic-minded individuals that are active in our community and give generously of their time and resources to keep the HMMPL Foundation doing what it does best—improving the library to better serve the needs of our patrons.

Hussey – Mayfield Memorial Public Library Foundation, Inc.

Board of Directors



Co-President:  LeeAnn Biggs

Director since 2002 and Library Board Representative

Term expiration: 10/30/2023 | Secretary 10/2018

Co-President:  Catherine Coscia

Director since 1999

Term expiration:  10/30/2023 | Vice-President 10/2018

Vice President:  J.P. Hanlon

Director since 2015

Term Expiration 10/30/23

Treasurer:  Jean Patterson

Director since 2019

Term expiration 10/30/2022


Secretary:  Robert Best

Director since 2015

Term Expiration 10/30/2019 | Treasurer 10/2018

Pat Murray

Term expiration 10/30/2022


Robyn Nelson

Term expiration 10/30/2022

Melissa McHenry, DDS

Term expiration 4/30/2022

Brittany Plunkett

Term expiration 4/30/2022

Christine Squire

Term Expiration 6/2024

Sharon Walker

Term Expiration 9/2024


Library Executive Director:  Sarah Moore

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